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How to build your credit from scratch

How to build credit when you're just getting started After you finish high school or college, when you're developing your financial independence, you'll probably have several essentials on your to-do list: find a job, rent an apartment, maybe buy a…

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The 5 essential rules for talking about money

Money can be difficult to talk about, and many financial issues are complicated to tackle. That's why Chase and Vox Creative created the Five Essentials series, found here and distributed through the Vox(Opens Overlay) Media Network, to explore financial fitness…

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Rent in the city or buy in the ‘burbs?

Two couples share how they chose their perfect home. For Brooklynite Michael Franklin and his wife, moving to Westchester County seemed like a dream. They imagined their life in the New York City suburbs: a big grassy yard with a…

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Deciding whether to renovate or move

Owning a home is a big part of the American dream, but what happens when you wake up in a house that doesn't quite fit your needs? Deciding whether to remodel your current home or move to a new one…

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A Home of Their Own

Marcia Hernandez worked for two years to save enough money for a down payment on a first home for herself and her wife, Vivian. A $5,000 Homebuyer Grant from Chase helped make their dreams a reality. For years, Marcia Hernandez…

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